5A Molecular Sieve

Customized Specification – Reliable Performance

5A Molecular Sieve is a synthetic crystalline aluminosilicate with a regular micropore structure.; it is the calcium form of the Type A crystal structure. Type 5A has an effective pore opening of 5 angstroms (0.5 nm). It will adsorb molecules with a kinetic diameter of less than 5 Angstrom and exclude those larger. It is especially suitable for PSA adsorber applications where it may be used for the separation of normal- and iso- paraffins (C4 to C6 species), in PSA hydrogen purification and in oxygen concentrators.

Product Applications:

Petrotat 5A Molecular Sieve is commonly used for drying and desulphurization (H2S) of natural gas, for the manufacture of protective gases and for the removal of CO2. PETROTAT 5A Molecular Sieve is also used for the separation of normal paraffins from branched and cyclic hydrocarbons.

Our 5A Molecular Sieve is used for the selective adsorption and separation of polar molecules from mixtures with adsorbable but less polar molecules (e.g. preferred adsorption of H2S in presence of CO2).

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